...a Logo is a Brand’s personal signature

It is the single most distingishing mark of authenticity, character and individuality.

Creating a logo can cost as little as $10. There are a number of online resources with people just waiting to plug and play with your money. In fact, anyone who can type and draw simple shapes can design their own for free. So, let’s apply that same principle to a few other personal needs. Anyone who can grasp a pair of scissors can certainly cut their own hair, why bother hiring a hair stylist. Most of us know how to put gas and oil in our cars, that must be enough to keep us getting to where we need to go right? And who needs to hire a real estate agent to sell our home when we can easily put a “For Sale” sign on our own lawns.

Yes, certainly there are quick and cheap answers to nearly everything. These solutions also rarely last. Smart businesses know that to connect with their audience and build a brand that stands the test of time, it takes more than a quick fix. It takes a hard look at their business’ distinct voice, competitive market and audience sensibilities.

With over 25 years design experience we understand the subtle and rich language of logo development. From monograms, to custom font design and from calligraphic lettering to iconographic symbols, we individualize every logo design to match the voice and values of the brand…and it’s something we take personally.

The value of a logo is measured by the brand it serves.




A logo has the power to evoke an emotion,
stir the senses and create a lasting impression.

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